Saturday, August 5, 2017

Enhanced Features of New Generation Skype

Want to stay connected along with your Friends and Family, so here is your Next generation Skype with wonderful and attractive features. Connect together with your people in numerous ways with your new Skype.
Here are some of the most effective features you'll be able to notice in your Next generation Skype.
Chat Options
  • Chat options are created easier, lively and expressive. The choice and its settings are organized in a lot of customized approach. With new Skype, you'll share photos and videos of your Life moments along.
  • You can create videos on your own and share it on your new Skype.

You can customize your Skype with favorite colors and your personal style is going to be displayed
Highlight Your Day with New Skype
  • A new feature of your next generation Skype has an option called highlight that allows you to create a high light of your day with photos and videos.
  • Our Skype support team will assist you to know more about the new generation Skype, its new options, and installation.
  • After you post your highlight, everybody will react to that using an emotion that becomes a more expressive way to communicate.
  • The new add-ins available makes your Skype even more attractive.

How to Post a Highlight
Want to know easy way to post a highlight,
  • The first step is to access your camera to take a photograph or video.
  • Now post it to your highlights and your friends or family will react to it by sending emotions or stickers.
  • Our Skype support team is here to help you if you find the problem in understanding the above steps to post a highlight.

Simplest conversations can pave the way to lasting memories.
Available Everywhere
  • The new generation Skype is accessed from any location, provided you have an active internet connection
  • You can visit the feature page to know more about the new features of the next generation Skype.

Chat Tab
Swipe or tap on your chat tab to get back to your older conversations.
Capture Tab
  • Capture tab permits you to capture and shot precious moments. You can now share your captured moments with Friends and Family.
  • New Skype on android devices to bring your world together
  • The new generation Skype is going to be available first on your android devices and soon is going to be introduced to the newer versions of iPhone. The new generation Skype is designed to make it simple for day to day communications.

Choose the Hue
You can select the hue that fits best for your device.
Quick to Find
With the new generation Skype, it's fast and simple to find messages and delete those that aren't needed.

To know more about the new generation Skype and its options, call our Skype support through the toll-free number 1-855-559-2230 and visit  to get instant help.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Some Tips to Resolve Your Microsoft PowerPoint Error 1713

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the top and best slideshow creation and presentation tool. You’ll use PowerPoint presentations for business presentations and convey your concepts in a simple approach. Most of the users subscribe office 365 to use PowerPoint. By subscribing office 365, you'll get access to applications like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, outlook, publisher, and access. You’ll be able to even use the free version of application like PowerPoint online.

Some users typically face errors like 1713 while using PowerPoint. Error 1713 is that the most typical installation error. There are various causes for this error. Some of them are
•    Incomplete installation of Microsoft office PowerPoint
•    Corruption because of recent changes in the software package.
•    Corruption of windows system files or Microsoft PowerPoint due to the virus of malware infection.
Here are a number of the troubleshooting steps; you'll follow to overcome the error code 1713
Try Repairing Registry Entries
You can try using a trusty registry cleaner like Win Thruster to repair error 1713 related registry issues. Registry cleaner automatically finds the invalid registry entries and repairs it. Before every scan, a backup is automatically created. Repairing the written account entries additionally will increase your system performance to a larger extent.
Scan Your Computer
Try running a regular scan of your pc to stop the occurrence of error1713.Our pc live support is available to help you anytime.
Cleaning and Removing Temporary Files And Folders
Removing temporary files and cleanup your junk files prevents the occurrence of error code 1713. Our pc live support team strongly recommends you to use software's like Win sweeper to remove your temporary files and folders. You can run the package once or twice in a day for cleanup the junk files and it'll automatically speed up your system and improves your system performance.
Run A Disk Cleanup (clean mgr)-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9 and 10
•    Go to the start button and type command within the search box.
•    On pressing CTRL + Shift keys and also Press the Enter Key
•    Now click yes when a permission dialog box appears.
•    You will now type cleaner and hit enter when a black box appears.
•    A disk clean up box seems with a series of checkboxes. you can choose.
•    Select the temporary files you would like to clean up then click ok.
•    Now your temporary and junk files will be cleaned automatically.
Updating Your Computer Drivers
Error 1713 additionally occurs if you have not updated your computer drivers.
•    Try using a driver update tool like Driver doc to update the computer drivers.
•    Ensure that the driver you have updated will overcome the error code 1713
Windows System Restore
Windows system restore will assist you to restore your system files and fix the issues caused by the error 1713.
Uninstall the Microsoft PowerPoint
•    Uninstall your Microsoft PowerPoint program and install it again to overcome the error 1713
•    Also, try installing all the available and latest update for windows to overcome this error in future.
Reinstalling your windows
This step becomes the final step in troubleshooting the error 1713. Reinstalling the Windows erases all the system files and erases the information from your hardware. This can assist you to clean all the corrupted files in your system

If you still need any more help, you'll also get in touch with our pc live support through toll-free: 1-855-559-2230 or visit us

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tips to Resolve the Outlook for Mac Keeps Asking for Password

Microsoft has now released the most recent versions of Outlook for Mac like outlook 2011 and 2016 with its best and advanced features. Many of the users have faced the problem that outlook for Mac keeps asking for a password. Microsoft outlook support team is available to help you either by chat or call. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps you'll be able to follow to overcome the above error.
The issue mostly occurs because of the changes in the authentication that are introduced in the latest versions of outlook
Lack of Proper Testing
Lack of proper testing is one more reason why the outlook for Mac keeps asking for a password.
Delete Your Temporary Files and Internet Cache
•    Sometimes the temporary files and internet cache will cause the error of asking a password.
•    Try deleting your Temporary files and internet cache and check whether the problem still persists.
Use the remember password option
You can use the remember password option to enter your username and password and it's not needed to enter the credentials whenever you Log in.

•   Try launching a Keychain tool
•   Try launching a keychain tool and delete the keychain entries like Exchange, Microsoft Office Identities.
Mac outlook2011 keeps asking for a password
To resolve this issue, the most effective option is to remove your keychain entries.
•    Go to the Applications >Utility folder and open the keychain access utility option.
•    Then select your Login keychain.
•    Now search for the mail service or the server name of the account you have configured in outlook.
•    Choose the displayed keychain entry and press the delete option or delete key to remove it.
•    Open your outlook now and your new keychain entries are generated to replace the one that is deleted.
Our Microsoft Outlook support team can assist you and provide you tips on how to troubleshoot the problem of outlook, asking for a password.
If you're an outlook 2016 user, follow the below tips to overcome the problem of Login prompt.
•    Try deleting the cache that's related to your outlook account.
•    The first step is to close your outlook 2016 application and all the documents
Now open the keychain access by following any of the strategies below
•    With Finder as your search application, Click on the utility option from the Go menu and double click the Keychain access option.
•    If you're using Spot light as the search option, type keychain access and double click it from the search option.
•    Now type Exchange within the search box of keychain access and delete all the files that are listed.
•    Relaunch your outlook 2016 application now
Removing the keychain entries and Cache file thus becomes a very important troubleshooting step to resolve the problem of the password prompt.

You can now follow the above troubleshooting steps to resolve the outlook error that keeps asking for a password. To know more, call our Microsoft Tech Support through toll-free number @ 1-855-559-2230 or visit us Microsoft-help-desk

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Simple Tips to Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

If you have installed the windows 10 version and you would like to go back to your older versions of windows 7 and windows 8.1, it isn't a giant deal!!! .Here is a number of the simple ways that you'll be able to realize to go back to your older version of windows.

After upgrading the laptop to windows 10, some users do not notice the version compatible and convenient for day to day use. There are plenty of ways you'll be able to find to downgrade your current version of windows 10.
Our windows live support team is here to help you and provide you tips on how to go back to your older version of windows
Go Back To Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
•    To go back and install your previous versions, initially click on the get start button to get rid of windows 10.
•    You will currently select the choice to go back to windows 7 or windows 8.1.
Windows Old Folder
The folder could be a default folder in your C drive or the File explorer. you'll be able to browse the files of your older version in this folder and restore it. The restored set up files can now be used to install your previous versions of windows once more.
Microsoft Offers Simple Downloads For Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
•    Download the windows installation file into a CD drive or USB drive using Microsoft windows USB/DVD download tool
•    You will now set up windows 7 or windows 8.1 by over writing the windows 10 already on your disk drive.
•    Ensure that you just have the copies of all the necessary files on your windows 10 laptop.
•    You may also try buying windows 7 or windows 8.1 license and install it from the scratch.
Build In Downgrade Feature in Windows 10
Windows 10 additionally has inbuilt downgrade feature that permits you to go back to your older version. This feature is offered just for one month once you upgrade the new version of windows 10.
•    Press the Windows key +I to go to the settings menu.
•    Click on update and security choice then choose Recovery from the left-hand navigation.
•    Now you'll be able to see a header called go back to windows
•    Select the choice now to get started.
•    A window will open now asking to go back to your older version. Fill the data in this window and click on the next choice to proceed more.
Microsoft's Roll Back Feature in Windows 10
The roll back options in windows 10 are available for thirty days once you have installed in your windows 10. You can go back to your previous version using this Rollback feature.
Creating a Drive Image of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
Using the system image utility, a drive image will be created in windows 7 and windows 8.1 which can be stored on external media. The image is the complete copy of what's on the drive that has both personal information as well as the OS files.
You can now restore the image from your windows 10 by following the below steps.

•   Go to Update and security option by Pressing the ctrl key +I
•    Select the Recovery choice now.
•    Under the advanced start up option, click on the Restart now choice and follow the onscreen instructions to revive your drive image.

If you still have the problem in understanding how to go back to windows 7 or windows 8.1 version from your windows 10, dial our Windows live technical support number 1-855-5592230 for any help or visit where Windows live technical support team is available either by chat or call.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Booting Issues

Microsoft has released six prime versions of windows 7 specifically the Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, OEM and Enterprise and offers many ways that to install windows 7.

Even though windows 7 offers prime and superb options to its user, But generally you will face some errors like booting issues. Troubleshooting windows 7 booting error is a simple process.
You can currently follow the below tips or troubleshooting steps provided by our windows 7 support team to beat windows 7 booting issues.
Automatically Install the Start Up and Repair Tool
Windows 7 automatically install the start up and repair tool that scans your computer for problems and threats and repairs it automatically.
Open Your Windows in Safe Mode
• If you frequently notice start up or booting problem with windows seven, then opening your windows in safe mode is that the best choice to beat booting problem.
• Go to an advanced option on your windows to change the windows startup in safe mode.
Uninstall the Recently Added Software
• Sometimes the software's you've got added recently will cause the booting problem for windows 7.Try uninstalling the software's that aren't needed.
• Go to your control panel and choose Add or Remove Programs option to uninstall any recently added software package.
Control panel > Add or Remove Programs >Uninstall
Windows 7 not booting
If you face any booting problems on windows 7 you'll follow the below tips.
• The first step is to turn on your computer and insert the windows 7 installation DVD then reboot your machine.
• Press any key to load your windows file.
• A windows screen will be displayed from that you'll be able to choose the language, keyboard, Input panel, time format and click on the next button to proceed next step.
• Press the install now and repair your computer option at the bottom of your screen.
• Now choose your OS and additionally select use recovery tools which will facilitate fixing and troubleshooting windows 7 booting issues.
To Use Start Up Repair Tool
• You may also use tools like start up repair, system restore; Windows Complete PC Restore, windows memory diagnostic tool and command prompt.
• These tools can check your system for issues and helps you to repair missing or damaged files. By fixing you'll be able to prevent your windows 7. Your PC could restart many times throughout the method.
System Restore
System Restore option uses restore points to return your system files without affecting your personal files.
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
• The tool scans your computer memory for errors and it takes a couple of minutes to complete checking your computer memory.
Windows 7 support team is aware of all the tools. to know more about the tools that are used to troubleshoot windows 7 booting issues, you can also reach our team on the toll-free number 1-855-559-2230
Command Prompt
Advanced users will use the command prompt to perform recovery related operations and also run other command line tools for troubleshooting the startup errors.
Disconnect All the External Devices
Disconnect all the external devices that are connected to your computers like Pen drive, Hard disks, CDS, DVDs, iPods, Digital cameras and DS card readers.
Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics
The default settings on your windows can determine the start up problems and can add an event to your event log which is able to permit the administrators to detect and manually troubleshoot the problem.
You can also try restarting your computer if the windows 7 troubleshooting problems still persist.
If you're still facing problems in troubleshooting your windows 7 booting problem you can visit our site

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Avoid Authentication Request When You Open Office Documents

Microsoft Office is a set of programs evolved by Microsoft for office as well as domestic use. The first version of the software has Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The applications have grown longer through the years with its new and advanced features like common spell checker, OLE data integration, and visible basics. The software is broadly used for workplace and commercial enterprise use.

The most broadly used version is the desktop model to be had for systems which have windows and macOS.Some users face issues like the software asks for authentication requests when you open workplace files.

Main cause why the error occurs is that when you click in your office file the web sends a request header to the server to check the WebDAV communication. The server then returns a response header to the web client which results in authentication requests. The office software tries to open the document without delay from the server.

In such instances, our Microsoft Office Support team gives you clear steering on how to conquer the error of authentication requests. Our office help team can assist you either via Microsoft Support Number phone call or chat.
Enable Internet Explorer to allow automatic login
If you need to allow automated login in internet explorer, the option should be enabled for the zone in which the web site is placed. For a local Intranet zone, you have the default configuration for automated logon with username and password.
Enabling the automatic login can overcome the error of authentication requests when you open your files.
Allowing the Options call
The Microsoft Office regularly sends an option call to determine the server type and the type of web authoring protocol. If the web server uses the web application to get right of entry to the documents, you can change your applications to handle the options request.
Configuring your server to use integrated windows authentication
You can also attempt configuring your server to use integrated windows authentication.
If your documents are placed in the file system of the server, you could avoid the unwanted requests by way of permitting the options call to succeed.
Downloading the documents directly onto your system
If you download the documents directly onto your system, the error of login prompt may be reduced to a greater extent.
The request for credentials can be avoided by selecting the Remember password option and the method should be followed only when your pc is in the trusted surroundings.
Form based authentication
By using Form based authentication with persistent cookies a proxy or firewall server may be implemented. Even the programs out of doors the browser can use cookies and could not be deleted even if you close your browser or office application.
Try leaving the application open
You can also try leaving your application open to maintain the direct modifying functionality.

If you still have any trouble in expertise the above steps, Contact our Microsoft office support team through Toll-free: +1-855-559-2230 and Visit right here to assist you.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Turn your PowerPoint Presentation into Video?

PowerPoint presentations allow you to communicate your idea to the audience in a clear and easy way. Turning your power point presentation into a video is even more effective and most of the users prefer this method.
PowerPoint presentations are being used for a long time for business as well as academic presentations. These presentations are user-friendly and offer a wide variety of features.
Only a few people know how to turn your presentation into a video. You can follow the easy guidelines below to know more.

The Microsoft help centre has experts who can support you in troubleshooting any issues that you face.
More on how to turn your presentation into video
First, create a presentation or download the sample presentation. Open the presentation now and try saving it as a video by using the File option.
Once the above step is completed, you can choose to create the video option. Click on the options and you will see additional options in the form of a drop down menu.
Step 1
  • Choose the quality of your video from the first drop down menu that appears. The option can also be used to determine the size of your video file
  • The second drop down menu allows you to include or exclude any timings or narrations that you have inserted into your PowerPoint presentation

Time value box
  • This setting allows you to set or edit the amount of time your slides will appear in the video. The default time is 5 seconds and you can change the timings to 3 seconds or two seconds

  •         Click on the create video button now and you will be redirected to the save dialog box.
  •          You can now choose the location where you want to save the file
  •          Browse the location where you want to save your video and then give a file name.
  •          Press the Save button to save your video.

Step 4
  •         You can find the progress or status of your video at the bottom of your PowerPoint window.
  •          Wait a few seconds till your video is created and open your video
  •          Double click your video file and your video will be automatically played on the video player that is available on your computer. The size of the video depends on the number of slides you have. Larger the size of the video, more time will be taken to create the video.

Microsoft help centre team provides you more information about the supporting websites.

Apps to turn your PowerPoint presentation into video

Movavi PowerPoint to video converter
  • These applications can be installed on your computer and turn your PowerPoint to video. 
  • Using this application it is easy to convert a slide show into video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV or other popular video formats.

Spring Suite
  • Spring suite is also another top application using which you can convert your PowerPoint directly into video and can share your videos directly to a single click. 
  • Some of the top features of this application include multimedia, fonts, styles, instant upload to YouTube, adjustable video quality and size. 
  • The application can convert even the most complex PowerPoint presentations to a clear and HD format.

If you still find any difficulty in understanding the above guidelines, Call our Microsoft help centre team via Toll-free: +1-855-559-2230 and visit us for live chats.