Sunday, November 26, 2017

Know more about Microsoft Office Suite for Android Devices

The users are allowed to download and install the excellent Microsoft Office Suite programs in Android devices like Smartphone, laptops and tablets. There is a choice to download the suite as a complete package or as standalone applications. In this post user we have discussed on particular applications MS Word and MS OneNote their download procedures and setup configuration. User can obtain required Microsoft Office Suite applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS OneNote from any app store or users can also download by searching online. For more updates contact our Microsoft support number.

Know more about Microsoft Office Suite for Android Devices
Microsoft Office Suite – MS Word Android setup
Search for the Ms Word application in the android application store
Select the download button found in the application.
If user is unable to locate the exact application, they can look for this it in the internet.
Select the download link upon the webpage for Ms word for android devices
Open the application and launch it once the download is complete.
Then, enter an email address corresponding to the Microsoft account.
In case, if user does not have accounts, create a new one using the sign up link availed.
To procure cloud storage accounts navigate to menu-settings and then choose the accounts option from any particular cloud services supported by MS word are OneDrive and dropbox.
Login qualifications of your cloud storage account to be entered and finally the setup procedure for Ms Word on user’s android devices is completed efficiently.
Similar to the above procedures MS OneNote app can also be downloaded and installed to the Android setup.
Search for the MS OneNote application in the android application store and select the download button found in the app store and they can also look for this it in the internet.
Select the download link and Open the application and launch it once the download is complete.
User can enter an email address corresponding to the Microsoft account to start utilising the MS OneNote.
For those additional queries on Microsoft Office Suite user can call our technical executives at our toll-free number at +1-855-559-2230 or check out our site at

Friday, November 24, 2017

Know more Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

The most typical issue that any Microsoft PowerPoint user faces is the screen hanging or screen freezing problem. There are usually many methods to technically troubleshoot this issue and we'll discuss about a few in this article. The issue could be resolved by using the below-mentioned troubleshooting techniques. • The MS Office software can be updated. • Send a feedback to the support team at Microsoft support number in order to notify then the concerns. • Make sure that the Microsoft PowerPoint application is not getting employed by another process. • There could be a concern with the add-ins. • Make sure that the anti-virus software program is updated. • Try changing the configurations on your PowerPoint application

Know more Features of Microsoft PowerPoint
Troubleshooting the add-ins
Select the Start menu from the desktop and navigate to the search box option
Type in the keywords, PowerPoint / Safe and press the Ok button.
Open the File menu then and further pick the Choices menu.
Here the user can select the particular Add-Ins option from the drop down menu.
Now the user can select the Com Add-Ins option followed by the option GO.
User can now disable all of the add-ins that will are listed in your display.
Reopen the application once more and check if the issue continues or resolved
Later on, user can enable all the required add-ins once again on the Microsoft PowerPoint application.
Fixing the Microsoft Office software
If you have any kind of running office applications upon your computer, you have to close them before beginning this particular repair process.
Go towards the Control Panel menu and after that select the Applications and Features option.
You will be able view all the applications that are configured in your computer.
Search for the Office application and select it before choosing the Change option.
Later, when you are prompted, select the Repair option.
The user can now check the damaged file by opening the newly saved publication file.

The user can utilise these troubleshooting techniques to resolve the Microsoft PowerPoint application screen freezing issue. For any further assistance user can call our technical experts through the toll-free at +1-855-559-2230 or can visit our site at

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Find The Microsoft Number for Online Assistance?

The Microsoft support centre consists of qualified technology experts who have great experience in troubleshooting and in providing instant online guidance for all your Microsoft products. The Microsoft number is the support service offers the greatest possible hands on support for the entire windows version, MS office packages and for email communication. • To require assistance on cloud services, contact our tech experts that are available at the Microsoft number regarding all your queries upon Microsoft products. • We are one of the greatest online guidance centres who help users have much best Microsoft product experience.

How To Find The Microsoft Number for Online Assistance?
Well known for our consumer assistance, call the support services at our Microsoft number to help you troubleshoot all your technical issues or even assist you answering your queries.
Users often plan to upgrade their software or possibly shift among the various email outlets which means they do need help at such stages.
Users choose the Microsoft 365 providers often, to support all their business needs. And while they swing the process to the Microsoft 365, it can be quite tedious, and also needs before planning and extra efforts.
While users use Microsoft 365 platform, don’t expect in order to use the third-party resources on such a system. Even spam filtering will become a tedious process as you move the platform to 365 bases.
While utilizing the Microsoft dynamic package, if you are searching for superb business solution support in order to harmonize your business, get help from the Microsoft number which may be useful for your own organisation.
Many issues may arise, when you are usually changing one of the various Microsoft product, seek advice from our technology experts about how can make use of our on-line guidance and troubleshooting centre.
Visit our blog room regularly to keep you updated with the new launches their functionalities and other information. You can attain assistance for even easy installation process like the setup, configuration, to even complex or advanced Microsoft support services.
Microsoft number is the excelled supports services rendered by the Microsoft Corporation. For more information about the services and its functionality the user can start visiting our website at or call the toll-free number +1-855-559-2230. Our team of skilled techies is availed to assist the users online around the clock.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

To Know More About Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the latest gadget introduced by Microsoft replaces all the recent gadgets like laptop computer or tablet and arrives with the irresistible and astonishing functionalities. Remarkable features have snapped up the attention of the majority of the users today.

To Know More About Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Right here are the top and the best highlights of Microsoft surface pro3
The device comes with bright 12-inch display, 440 resolution display screen, 8GB memory, with Intel Primary i5 Processor, 256 GB drive and they are more suitable to utilise.
Microsoft surface Pro3 is easier to use as a standalone device.
The beautiful and the high-resolution display provide the users with better visual experience.
Sharp, crisp and the high quality outputs has grabbed the eye of all the users and made them addict to its enchanting visual experiences.
Design features are pretty incredible and particularly the outer covering is made up of magnesium layer. The device is thinner and they are really an easy and friendly to operate.
Single USB3.0 port, Mini screen port, Headset Jack, Micro SD card slot are availed inbuilt with the Microsoft surface Pro3.
They are arrived with the redesigned kickstand and you can establish the device between any kind of angles between 22 levels and 150 degrees.
Holding and positioning of the Microsoft surface Pro3 become much easier with the excellent provisions in the kickstand.
The 12-inch touch screen display occurs with 2160*1440 –pixels resolution.
The bigger screen availed make it look like a normal Laptops
Real and backlit physical keys are very user friendly and easy to access.
The type cover may be used keep the device steady and user can even hold it in their Lap.
The hardware of the device is appealing and imposing to its users.
Thin, sensitive as well as the high-resolution screen simply no doubt become the best functions of the device.
Microsoft Surface Pro3 may operate at any angles of around 35position.
Performance of the device will be quick as well as the device booting also found to be too quick.
To know more on the Microsoft surface Pro3 and their features, you may either visit our website or reach to us on our toll-free numbers +1-855-559-2230.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Use Microsoft Live Application?

The Microsoft live application is developed aiming at both small and large enterprises. The particular service combines web hosting with online business applications and also paid subscription is essential for obtaining this particular live service. Features of the Microsoft live application • It will be an internet-based service that will facilitates easy information sharing and online storage. • Non-technical users also gain access to online web design tool and also to use the templates with a user name and password.

How to Use Microsoft Live Application?
Three office live versions are availed to the users and help them to sign-up domains for their websites.
You can click on our site and sign in to the particular Microsoft live account to access more features.
Windows live mail service will be introduced by Microsoft which replaces the user’s current present outlook mail.
Microsoft Live is compatible to work with office programmes similar to Microsoft office word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
The user’s data will be more secure using the password protection features that are available with the Microsoft Office Live accounts.
Website design tools are available and user may customize Web page layouts, color, and the few more.
To entry the Microsoft Live support the users can utilise the Microsoft account.
If the user does not have created a Microsoft account then the user can begin creating a valid Microsoft account first.
For creating a Microsoft accounts, you can browse through the Microsoft site and then proceed with the selective onscreen instructions to activate a Microsoft account.
Office Live Work area is a free service readily available for storing your documents online these are widely used for workplace, Home and business projects.
Document manager application is accessible with Microsoft live and becomes an online repository for storing the user’s documents securely.
Team workspace application helps you to develop a task website. You can write-up any information to discuss it with the customers, workers and the business companions.
Windows Live is the one such brand title for that software services introduced by Microsoft. For more information about the Microsoft live application and its functionality the user can start visiting our website at or call the toll-free number +1-855-559-2230. Our team of skilled techies is available to assist you 24/7 online.

To Get To Know About Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft rewards are Microsoft’s means of gifting the user or paying you to have applications like Border, Bing and more. The more you use typically the Microsoft products then the a lot more freebies you happen to be rewarded. That is a free program where you will end up being rewarded for doing things which you were doing regularly on daily schedule. The rewards are like you will be getting points whenever you search on, once you store at the Microsoft stores online and if you browse making use of the Microsoft edge. Rewards advantages: The Microsoft rewards program would not entail any commitment or fees. Almost everything will be included with your own Microsoft account (Microsoft Support Number). All you possess to do is register your account and have to stay logged in and then just enjoy the great things about it. As you keep earning your points, there are usually chances that to get additional rewards.

To Get To Know About Microsoft Rewards
You can redeem your current points to buy well-known games, movies or programs. You are able to give the prize points to your kids or perhaps add money to your children Microsoft account. You can likewise set age limit for their purchases.
You may hook up with your family members who are located everywhere using the reward points on Skype. You can make group video calls in and also can send instant message to anyone within your family.
Notes: To make the reward points using the Microsoft Edge may not be availed in certain province. Please check in our website whether your region comes under the provinces which are qualified to receive the reward details.
Similarly if you acquire products on Microsoft retail store from Xbox then you certainly might not exactly be getting the Microsoft rewards points in specific countries or region.
How to utilise these reward points
The reward points do not have any funds values rather you will become redeeming 5000 reward factors for some %5, from the Redeem.
While using the particular for every single 10 search you will earn points for a day for level 1 member. Earn points for about 55 searches a day (for members on level 2). So after every day time the search limit will be reset and you could commence earning from the following day.
To learn more on earning and using the Microsoft rewards details visit our website or reach to us all on our toll-free numbers +1-855-559-2230.

Monday, November 20, 2017

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing and it’s Benefits?

Microsoft volume licensing is an expression used to depict a scenario in which organizations that want numerous Microsoft product licenses nevertheless do not need much software documentation that will come along with those software. Microsoft Company typically offers these businesses concerns low pricing on the license certificate and also offers permit for two or 3 years. Microsoft provides typically the following advice in the below areas before you purchase the Volume Licensing. • Various options on nature and the size of the business concern is obtained • What would be the preferred and appropriate products to the concern? • What would be the utility of the products need to be purchased?

What is Microsoft Volume Licensing and it’s Benefits?
Benefits of Microsoft Volume Licensing:
The software installation per device would be low.
Yearly licence agreement for two or three are acquired through the Volume Licensing.
Product use rights to utilise the purchase Microsoft products are given.
1. Lower price per installation is done by reducing the cost of installation for each and every application purchased in general for the organization while purchasing with Microsoft volume license than installing it independently.
2. Two or 3 years license agreement is acquired through Microsoft Volume Licensing is little economical than to buy software individually which is also procured for a limited period license. At times when you bulk buy software for an organization together using Microsoft volume level licensing the concern can get it definitely lowest and also for two or 3 years of license contract.
3. Product use Rights is about how long the product you have purchased could be used and it is usable as long as we have the particular license. And you do not have to buy the legal rights every time. You simply have got to renew your license certificate after it gets ended. Once the license gets expired everything will proceed into read only function and also you cannot edit any content. After you replenish your license you will certainly have access to all the contents.
The service centre for Volume Licensing:
Typically the VLSC or the Volume Licensing service centre offers you access to the following.
Assist you in downloading products and product keys.
Activate and utilise the application assurance benefits.
Accessing every license information from the location.
You can likewise review the status regarding your enrolment making use of the VLSC.
You can also go through the license summary and relationship summary details.
License overview:
The license summary may display the real volume license as of each Microsoft product family.
Right now there are many factors that are considered while issuing the license are.
Licensing should follow certain rules.
The Product release date should be known.
Full update and maintenance licensed purchases have to be done.
Hope the user has understood the terms and utility of Microsoft Volume Licensing and also on how to acquire it. It is one best benefit rendered by our Microsoft for business concerns.  So for any further assistance on the Volume licensing of Microsoft user can call us through the  toll-free number at +1-855-559-2230 or can chat to us through